"We are in a war for the soul of Lancaster County.  Yet, many of the Republicans we elect to fight for us in Harrisburg forget about us while furthering their political careers. Too often, they fold under the pressures of career politics and sell out to the Establishment. To prevail, we must elect selfless individuals who listen to voters and defend their values."   

- Mike Miller    


On August 18, 2021, Mike met with President Trump to discuss election fraud in PA.

 Taking a Stand in Harrisburg

  • End election fraud

  • Reform public education

  • Defend God-given freedoms

  • Defend the unborn

  • End property tax 

  • Install term limits for all politicians


In 2019, Republican "leaders", including Senator Ryan Aument, cut a backroom deal with liberal Democrat Governor Tom Wolf to pass a bill known as ‘Act 77’.  Act 77 allowed voters to mail in ballots as early as 50 days before Election Day, with no excuse needed.  This system of running elections violates Article VII, Section 14 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which clearly limits mail-in voting to citizens with a well-defined excuse, such as military service.  These needs were already covered through the absentee voting procedure.  Further, the General Assembly is not allowed to expand mail-in voting without first amending the PA Constitution, which requires a vote by Pennsylvania’s citizens.  But the citizens were ignored; this step never happened.  The Commonwealth Court recently ruled Act 77 to be unconstitutional; therefore, Ryan Aument violated his oath of office when he voted for Act 77 (Senate Bill 421).  Moreover, when offered an opportunity to meet President Trump on the matter of election fraud, he declined on the basis of being too busy.

Ending election fraud is vital to preserving our freedom.  In 2005, the nonpartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform found that the leading mechanism for election fraud is mail-in voting, because it leads to ballot harvesting and duplicate voting.  The framers of the Constitution knew this, which is why they directed citizens to vote in person on Election Day.

As your senator, I aim to:
  • Support a full repeal of Act 77 
  • Require all voters to present valid ID while voting 
  • Require paper ballots
  • Guarantee all political parties' right to have poll watchers present for voting
  • Make ballot-harvesting a second-degree felony 

Education is a solemn responsibility.  Yet, our children are often trapped in a public school system that despises the conservative values which parents want to instill, and instead infuses young minds with Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, and other liberal dogma.  Teachers should concentrate only on the traditional skills we have assumed as basic for centuries.  Public school is no place for teaching racism, mutual distrust and hatred, or self-hate.  We must not abandon our public schools, but rather provide our children the experience parents expect and pay for.

As your Senator, I aim to: 
  • End state and federal agency abuse of our schools
  • Help parents form education associations
  • Require transparency in curriculum and materials
  • Give parents full school choice with their tax dollars  



The Constitution is what protects the American people from tyranny. Likewise, public laws passed by our General Assembly should ensure our Constitutional protections.  Unfortunately, government’s appetite for power, combined with an impossibly complex regulatory system, has led to devastating losses of freedom. 


In July of 2017, Governor Tom Wolf nominated the radical left-wing activist, Rachel Levine (formerly Richard Levine) to be the Secretary of Health for Pennsylvania. Then, both sides of the Swamp - including Ryan Aument and every Republican senator but one - joined every Democrat senator in affirming Levine's appointment.  Levine was the architect of Wolf's draconian restrictions upon Pennsylvania citizens, businesses, and schools.  Levine devastated our economy and wreaked havoc on education and public health.  The mental health and opioid crises exploded during her Shutdown, as did spousal and child abuse, and suicide.




Politicians, including Ryan Aument, dragged their feet as long they possibly could, conducting only token opposition to Wolf & Levine with dog-and-pony exhibitions until vaccine distribution had begun and the worst of the pandemic was well behind us.  Wolf and Levine imposed un-American restrictions on our God-given liberty, with no clear scientific basis for doing so. 

As vaccines rolled out, Senator Aument, as a member of Governor Wolf's Covid-19 Vaccine Joint Task Force,  was not satisfied to allow citizens to make their own health choices but dispensed medical and scientific advice he is not qualified to give, to pressure citizens having natural hesitation toward an unproven experimental health measure to act in contradiction of their convictions.  Many or our neighbors and friends have lost jobs due to draconian governmental overreach.  How has Ryan Aument defended their rights to control what enters their own bodies?


Millions have suffered and died to defend our freedom to assemble, to speak, to care for our own bodies.  Unlike Ryan Aument, I will not yield to liberal radicals and watch them strip away our freedoms in Lancaster County. 


As Senator, I aim to:

  • End Harrisburg's tyrannical regulations

  • Show clean hands in public and private partnerships

  • Hold public officials accountable to their sacred oath

  • Impeach judges who violate the Constitution 


Although home ownership is a cherished dream of most Americans, each year, nearly 10,000 Pennsylvania families lose their homes because of outrageous, ever-growing property taxes assessed by county government and school districts.  No tax should have the power to leave you homeless.  Yet, no one truly owns their home as long as we must pay ‘rent’ to the school district and county courthouse.  Not only is our property-tax system un-American, it is an inefficient and inequitable way to fund schools.  And with the concept of a "social credit system" entering America, home ownership is severely threatened.

Pennsylvania also has the second-worst gas tax in the country.  With the pain at the pump near $4.50 a gallon, this hurts Lancaster County.  Career politicians in both parties, including Lancaster County’s Ryan Aument, joined forces to hike the gas tax to extreme levels in 2013.

Lastly, our state continues to waste taxpayer dollars on an extravagant, outdated, and unconstitutional pension plan for retired politicians. 


As Senator I aim to:

  • End Property Tax

  • Eliminate pensions for politicians




Student researchers at the the University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) published details on their experiments where scalps and “full thickness human skin” from aborted babies (18-20 weeks gestation) were grafted onto lab rats.  Gruesome pictures revealed human hair – from aborted babies – being grown on the backs of rodents.  Moreover, UPitt scientists also harvested livers from aborted fetuses delivered alive whole via labor induction, and has been involved in the trading and distribution of hundreds of fetal kidneys and other organs from aborted babies.


These revelations led to a House Health Committee hearing, and Pro-Life legislators in the General Assembly banded together for a courageous stand to block passage of the State Budget, so long as it included nothing for the University of Pittsburgh.  The more money an institution receives, the more it has for all its projects.  Sadly, numerous Republicans, including Senator Ryan Aument, sided with liberal Democrats and career politicians to approve the free flow of nearly $155 million of your tax dollars to the University of Pittsburgh.  

As Senator I aim to:

  • Protect innocent human life from conception until natural death

  • Stop sending tax dollars to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood

  • Stop sending tax dollars to universities that harvest fetal organs and cross bioethics boundaries



Thomas Jefferson noted: "When a man casts a longing eye on offices, rottenness begins in his conduct."  Truer words were never spoken.  Our Founding Fathers never intended for public offices to be cushy, lifetime jobs that make politicians rich.  It's time to put the SERVICE back into "public service".   

As Senator I aim to:

  • Place a term limit on all public offices

  • Eliminate the extravagant perks and fringe benefits for politicians

Senator Ryan Aument, left, serves on Governor Wolf's COVID task force.

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