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Extreme Liberal!?

Updated: Apr 12

Wow, lies are getting expensive in Lancaster County these days!

Ryan Aument is breaking his piggy bank to try (!) to turn your attention away from his terrible voting record with a massive network television ad spend this week -- based completely on laughable Facebook posts (no joke).

I explain it all in this short video below .

Join me for a few chuckles and a lot of concrete examples of why it's clear Aument is getting desperate.

Our movement of conservatives here in PA want representatives with courage, integrity, and accountability, and it is gaining more and more steam each and every day.

If you are already a supporter, Thank You!

If you are looking for answers and clarity on the values that matter to you, please check out our voters guide for conservatives of Lancaster County: https://www.mikemillerpa.com/optin1647353750416

The most important thing you can be doing for us today is talking to your friends & neighbors about our campaign, and encouraging folks to examine Aument's record for themselves.

We've made it easy to find here: https://www.aumentvotes.com/voting-record

With your help, we can retire Aument and put a real conservative back in the State Senate.

#MikeMiller #PASenate #RealConservative #RetireAument

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